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Skull Fist – ‘Paid in Full’

Atomic Fire Records
Enforcer, Cauldron, Striker, Axxion, Stallion, Night Demon
Release Date
April 22, 2022
Atomic Fire Records
Heavy/Speed Metal

                What do you do when you put your heart and soul into an album and it just misfires, failing to hit the mark? Well, in the case of Skull Fist, the Canadians went back to the drawing board for nearly four years and now, the band are ready to release Maple Leaf Mayhem upon the world again with their latest album ‘Paid in Full’.

                For those who were disillusioned with ‘The Way of the Road’, ‘Paid in Full’ returns Skull Fist with the full fury of trad metal in all its glory. This time, there is no dodgy production, no weak songs that appeared to be phoned in, this is a return to form with all the passion and integrity of ‘Chasing the Dream’. Tracks such as ‘Long Live the Fist’, ‘Madman’ and ‘Blackout’ drive forward with all the energy and power of a band who know what it’s like to live in the heavy metal trenches, ducking and weaving in a no man’s land, fighting with every note and chorus and ‘Paid in Full’ has this by the bucket load.

                This is the sort of trad metal album which will be riding high at the end of the year, it has all the hallmarks of an excellent album, and it will remind fans of Skull Fist exactly why they loved the band in the first place. Welcome back Skull Fist, it has been far too long.

"an excellent album which will remind fans of Skull Fist exactly why they loved the band in the first place"

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