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This afternoon in the Metal Digest office, we’re heading back to the start of the punk era and cranking up the volume on the self-titled debut album from the Ramones. Taking a large pinch of 1950’s rock n’ roll, turning the volume up, adding a punk aesthetic and some repetitive but catchy lyrics. ‘Ramones’ suddenly saw the American punk scene explode around them as the band went head to head with British punk to frighten the conservative elite. Themes of drug use, violence and Nazism ran through ‘Ramones’ and it was gobbled up by a rebellious generation bored with wishy-washy middle of the road rock music. Young American teens now had idols to look up to as they picked up shitty instruments and began to go at it exactly like their heroes did on ‘Ramones’. So this afternoon, turn the volume up on this punk masterpice with a hey! and a ho!

Come on in!

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