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Mad Dogs – ‘We Are Ready to Testify’

Go Down Records
The Drippers, Dead Lord, Liar Thief Bandit, Horisont, The Hellacopters
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Go Down Records
Hard Rock

Good time, old-school vintage rock n’ roll is big business these days as bands reach back into the past and grab a sense of Keith Richards boogie with their bad boy swagger. One such band are Mad Dogs who returned in 2020 with their sophomore album ‘We Are Ready to Testify’.

                ‘We Are Ready…’ is a statement, it is a kick ass old-school 70’s rock n’ roll style that does exactly what is needed in one huge dose of bad medicine. Yeah, sure, there isn’t anything here that we haven’t heard before, in the 70’s or the modern rock revival, but these Italians know how to deliver it with some real panache. Tracks such as ‘No Regrets’, ‘Hard Fight’ and the title track show a band which have moved their garage into the recording studio and they’re damn well going to make some noise. This means that Mad Dogs have all the hallmarks of The Drippers, Dead Lord and Liar Thief Bandit as well as the recent efforts by Horisont and The Hellacopters.

                This is an album which reeks of good time, stale beer and cigarettes from a bar we used to love so many years ago. It doesn’t do anything new or even extraordinary, but it is familiar, it is good, and it serves to remind us why we love rock n’ roll in the first place.

"kick ass old-school 70’s style rock n’ roll"

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