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Worm – ‘Foreverglade’

20 Buck Spin
The Drowning, Incantation, Esoteric
Release Date
20 Buck Spin
Death/Doom Metal

Foul, sulphuric, stonking riffs. Like what you hear? Like your doom filthy and your death metal sludgy? Then WORM is for you! Secreeting a coalescence of funeral doom and death metal, WORM’s ‘Foreverglade’ is a genuinely slimy and creepy phenomenon, sure to make you shit yourself. Grandiose and atmospheric, balanced perfectly with filth and putridity, this album kicks your preconceptions of doom right out of the swamp. Gone are monotonously droning sections of downtuned blues riffs, replaced by chuggy, choppy varieties of tasteful old school death metal, borderline melodic-post metal influence, and some obvious black metal inspiration thrown to the guitars and vocals, encapsulated perfectly in a trudgy, doom laden composition full of rotten malice.

It would be appropriate to exemplify this album as the pinnacle of doom metal, with precise, well placed percussion, a coherent guitar, with a tone stylistically appropriate and brutal, and bass lines that meat-out the riffs and chugs. Vocally, ‘Foreverglade’ is impeccable, exhibiting a diversity of high black metal shrieks, brutal death metal grunts, and layers of the above. The vocal technique is exceptionally proficient and really earmarks the quality of this LP, there are the addition of some unpitched ‘cleans’ in some sections, adding an almost gothic vibe. There are even features of synths (including organ and strings) in some more atmospheric sections, that give you that wandering-through-the-void feeling that all doomers are after. The only criticism that may be drawn is a lack of bass in the mix.

Overall, it’s hard to put this album down in any way, masterfully crafted, this abomination is a must listen for doom, black or death metal fans. Be prepared.

"Florida's WORM divulge insane LP 'Foreverglade'"

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