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Heavy Metal Therapy: Saying No

Just let that word sit there for a moment  . . . ‘No’. . . it might be that you don’t say it often so not sure if you’re pronouncing it correctly.

As humans we’re usually not very good at saying ‘No’ to someone especially when that would mean they wouldn’t be put before our own needs.

It is OK to sometimes say No and keep to it.

Setting a boundary can be a difficult thing to do (got used to the pronunciation yet??!?) because we might feel we’re being selfish by prioritising our own needs over others for a time but if you think about it – if you keep giving up all of your time for others and you never take a small amount for yourself to recharge etc then how will you feel? How will you ultimately feel about those who you gave your time to? Will this lead you to feel annoyed that you’ve ‘no time to yourself’, to feel that you’re empty of compassion as you’ve not had that chance to recharge?

Now you might now be thinking I’m advocating you to become someone who never gives any time to anyone but what might be useful is for you to keep in mind that if you’ve given all your spare time, days off, etc to others that you might feel like you’ve not had any downtime. It might be useful to try that word out but by all means back it up with a gentle explanation – ‘I’ve got a lot on that week and I just need some downtime’ isn’t being selfish.

Metal Digest is hosting a monthly Mental Health Focus column with Heavy Metal Therapy.

Our goal and aspiration is to post our stories, educate, share resources, encourage our readers to talk about mental health, and most importantly create a community bound with the sounds of heavy metal, so that we are all, less alone.

We will keep the conversation going and we will be sharing interviews, playlists, articles and resources so stay tuned for more!

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