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Tulus – ‘Pure Black Energy’ (Cassette Reissue)

Wicked Tapestry
Illt, Khold, Darkthrone, Vredensdal, Sarke
Release Date
Wicked Tapestry
Black Metal

For a band which launched the careers of Sarke and Khold, Tulus are a band which only seem to be spoken about in the hushed voices of cult rockers. Back in 1996, Tulus released their very first album with ‘Pure Black Energy’ as the Norwegians combined their energetic black metal with rock sensibilities and dark folklore. This year has Wicked Tapestry reissuing ‘Pure Black Energy’ on a limited-edition cassette format for that real OG feel.

                When it comes to black metal, is there any format which suits it better than cassette? ‘Pure Black Energy’ has all the energy of a record which was passed around from friend to friend, rerecorded and rerecorded until its sounds like a clapped-out seal. However, this has been beautifully restored and sounds fantastic. What the listener gets here is Side A containing the entire ‘Pure Black Energy’, whilst Side B contains the ‘Samlerens kammer’ demo from 1994 as well as the portastudio demo recordings from 1991 to give this cassette some real bang for your buck.

                This reissue does mean that if you’re the sort of person who doesn’t collect the cassette format, then this is literally a wasted limited edition. However, with a CD version slated next year courtesy of Fono Ltd. This may be something to keep an eye out on for your black metal collections because, it really is worth it.

"a cassette reissue with some decent extras"

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