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The Troops of Doom – ‘Antichrist Reborn’

Alma Mater Records
Sepultura, Possessed, Vulcano, Sodom, Kreator, Sadus
Release Date
April 15, 2022
Alma Mater Records
Death/Thrash Metal

For all the endless jerking off that Sepultura’s ‘Roots’ gets from the mainstream rock and metal media alongside the endless comments of “Sepultura isn’t Sepultura without Max Cavalera”, they have overlooked that in the last few years, something has been bubbling away in Brazil as João Gordo and his band The Troops of Doom return after two exceptional EPs with their highly anticipated debut album ‘Antichrist Reborn’.

                What can you say? This is the sort of album that picks up where ‘Beneath the Remains’ left off as if Sepultura’s move towards groove and nu-metal chancing never happened. ‘Antichrist Reborn’ is the album for fans of ‘Morbid Visions’ and ‘Schizophrenia’, its heavy, its thrashy and its old school death metal to the core. Tracks such as ‘Deserters from Paradise’, ‘Far from Your God’ and ‘Pray into the Abyss’ are hellishly good tracks as they’re just examples from an album which roars with all the bestial energy of the raw, primal energy that made death metal so fucking good years ago before it became sanitised of life, streamlined by modern accessibility.

                The expectation was certainly high, but that crown has certainly not lain heavy, The Troops of Doom have delivered an absolutely beast of an album and do not be surprised if ‘Antichrist Reborn’ is near the top of the lists at the end of the year.

"an absolute beast of an album"

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