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Nocturna – ‘Daughters of the Night’

Scarlet Records
Nightwish, Epica, Sirenia
Release Date
Scarlet Records
Symphonic Metal

Nocturna is the intriguing alliance of several members of Italy’s impressive Metal scene. ‘Daughters of the Night’ has more of a heavy rock sound with influences from the worlds of Goth and Symphonic. The hooks, melodies and the overall feel is thick and sweeping and the album even flirts with a bit of grandeur. This is partly due to the experience and writing of Federico Mondelli, but I would attribute their stately sound to not one, but two exceptional female vocalists. Rehn Stillnight and Grace Darkling are a powerhouse combination, intertwining and complementing one another to magnificent effect. Are they Simone, Floor, or Tarja? Not quite, but they just may be the heiresses apparent.

‘Daughters…’ is ambitious and fully enjoyable from start to finish. Arrangements are both beautiful and powerful, carrying the listener afar.  Featuring a beefier guitar tone than most bands of this stripe, its songs almost approach anthemic status at times. This is especially noted in “Sea of Fire” and “The Trickster.”

There are some detractions, however. ‘Daughters…’ could be likened to early Nightwish and Epica. Obvious comparisons, but when you listen, you will understand why. Too often, the album comes off as an imitation more than an homage. There are a few “Oh Wow!’ moments, but not as many as a band with this pedigree is capable of. If you are new to this genre (which is kinda doubtful at this point) you will be rewarded with “Oh wow!’ moments aplenty. Otherwise, stay tuned; I feel Nocturna’s future is incredibly bright.

"Nocturna’s future is incredibly bright"

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