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Fiat Nox – ‘In Contemptuous Defiance’ EP

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Why waste time farting about the studio pretending you’re making ‘Chinese Democracy’ when you can hit the ground running and batter down pure black metal, release after release as your creative cup runneth over. One band who have hit the road like Roadrunner are Fiat Nox who have delivered their ‘In Contemptuous Defiance’ EP.

                As an EP, this is pure, old-school black metal and whilst Fiat Nox are from Germany, ‘In Contemptuous Defiance’ is black metal from the frozen Norwegian north as ice and snow reflect the starry night and the orange glow of a fire as the timbers of an old medieval church pop and crackle in the heat. This EP isn’t messing around with the post metal bollocks that seems to be creeping in throughout modern black metal, no, this is right out of the 1993 playbook and its fucking good with tracks such as ‘Those Shunned Hills’ and ‘Zealotry of Ruin’ having all the energy and power of Immortal, Darkthrone and Mayhem.

                ‘In Contemptuous Defiance’ may not do anything new, but it does deliver a real refreshing change and if you’re the sort of person who likes to keep your eyes peeled for something great on the black metal horizon then Fiat Nox is a really, really good place to go.

"a real refreshing blast of old-school black metal"

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