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Bathory – ‘Hammerheart’

Release Date
Noise Records
Black/Thrash Metal

This afternoon in the Metal Digest office we’re blasting out arguably one of the first true albums to mix Viking imagery and lyrics into a whole albums worth of material with Bathory’s 1990 masterpiece ‘Hammerheart’. Although very much still in a black/thrash metal vein, the band put down the foundations for what would become ‘Viking Metal’, although it didn’t because that’s not really a fucking genre. However, by using Norse aesthetics, Bathory opened up Pandora’s Box of musicians just waiting to devour Midgard and everything within it. If you’re looking for an album which kicks the 90’s off with a real bang and has Lindisfarne quaking in their boots, then ‘Hammerheart’ is the way to do it. A pure masterpiece and deserves to be played as loud as you fucking can.

Come on in!

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