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Armored Saint – ‘March of the Saint’ (Reissue)

Metal Blade Records
Metal Church, Riot V, Lizzy Borden, Anvil, Malice, Warrior, Savatage
Release Date
April 15, 2022
Metal Blade Records
Heavy Metal

                When it comes to heavy metal in the 80’s, Armored Saint are possibly one of the genres most criminally underrated bands. Whilst there may be people who glance and say: ‘oh, it’s that bloke who was in Anthrax’ and whilst that might be true, Armored Saint have delivered absolutely quality heavy metal. This year has Metal Blade Records reissuing the bands 1984 debut album ‘March of the Saint’.

                When it comes to debut albums, ‘March of the Saint’ is definitely up there and with this reissue, it now means that it will be readily available again to add to your collection. ‘March of the Saint will be available as a digipak CD, but this Metal Blade Records will also be reissued as a 180g black vinyl. Furthermore, this vinyl reissue will also come in a limited-edition colour, European exclusives will come in silver as well as sunset orange, leaf green, pastel blue marbled vinyl whilst American versions will be transparent blue and clear with blue smoke vinyl.

                However, the digipak CD does come with no extras, so sadly, if you already own a copy of ‘March of the Saint’, then there probably isn’t much here that will make you part with more cash. However, for something that’s not been available on vinyl for quite a long time, you’re in for a real treat.

"a great reissue of a fantastic album"

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