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Dream Evil – ‘DragonSlayer’

Release Date
Century Media Records
Heavy/Power Metal

This afternoon in the Metal Digest office, we’re getting the cheese platter out because we’re blasting ‘DragonSlayer’, the 2002 debut album from Dream Evil. Although it was massively against the grain of what was fashionable at the time, ‘DragonSlayer’ stood tall as is it brandished its broadsword on high, fighting back against the heathen hordes of nu-metal. It was cheesy and it was good as tracks such as ‘Kingdom of the Damned’, ‘In Flames You Burn’ and ‘Heavy Metal in the Night’ got us raising horns to the sky and drinking mead like it was 793 AD. So this afternoon, get your best LARPing kit on, sit there in your chain mail and leather undies and crank up ‘DragonSlayer’, it’ll cheer you right up for the day!

Come on in!

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