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3rd Secret – ‘3rd Secret’

Independent Release
Led Zeppelin, Alice In Chains, Heart, Soundgarden, Melissa Auf der Maur
Release Date
April 11, 2022
Independent Release
Alternative/Hard/Blues Rock/Grunge

So, Kim Thayil, Matt Cameron, and Krist Novoselic have put together an album. It’s obviously going to be riff-fueled, grunge-esque hard rock, right?


This is, in fact, a captivating, blues-rich album filled with warm acoustic tones, melancholic songwriting reminiscent of Neil Young at times, flowing classic rock pieces worthy of Led Zeppelin’s early work, and spellbinding vocals from Giants In The Trees’ Jillian Raye.

It’s not like this is anything revolutionary: all the sounds and structures have been used before, but at this point it’s almost impossible NOT to encroach on already trodden ground. No, the charm of this album is that it’s not at all what you expect from a trio of grunge stalwarts, instead opening avenues into classic rock, blues, and folk with a charming feeling of novelty, as if Matt, Kim, and Krist have never experienced writing in this way before. Sure, you’re not going to come away from this album with new genre names buzzing around your head, or with any new perspective on music. If you’re anything like me however, you’ll come away with a new appreciation for deeply respected names, if simply for what they can do when they’re let loose without label or genre pressures.

Overall, it’s nothing too exciting, groundbreaking, or even particularly new, and despite all this, remains a truly enjoyable listen

"Unexpected, classic, and properly entertaining"

Come on in!

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