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Iron Maiden – ‘Iron Maiden’

Release Date
EMI Records
Heavy Metal

This afternoon we’re blasting out a classic debut album in the shape of Iron Maiden’s 1980 offering. In 1980, Maiden, amongst many of their peers were riding the NWOBHM wave into the big time and following a much sought after demo tape, their debut album did not disappoint. Paul Di’anno roared through the speakers with a punky snarl whilst the twin guitar flurries of Dave Murray and Dennis Stratton alongside the galloping bass of Steve Harris set the tone for the remainder of their early career. Although these songs have been phased out of the set list a long time ago (with the exception of ‘Iron Maiden’), ‘Iron Maiden’ still holds a high place, if not the highest place in Maiden fans’ hearts. So this afternoon, crank it up loud because, wherever you are, Iron Maiden’s gonna get you!

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