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Fortune – ‘Level Ground’

Frontiers Records
Night Ranger, FM, Giuffria, W.E.T., Eclipse
Release Date
April 8, 2022
Frontiers Records
Melodic Rock/AOR

                Melodic rock and AOR is a genre which has become a treasure trove of ‘lost classics’ and Fortune found themselves almost consigned to history before the band resurrected themselves in 2016. Fast forward a couple of years and Fortune are back with their third album ‘Level Ground’.

                As musicians, Fortune may be over 40 years in the groove, but with ‘Level Ground’ it certainly doesn’t show. What the band deliver here is an excellent album of melodic rock/AOR presented through a wonderful modern production which pushes the instruments forward and allows ‘Level Ground’ to shine. Tracks such as ‘Dangerous Things’, ‘Riot in the Heartland’ and the title track show a band that yes, still have one foot in that 80’s sound and song crafting, but aren’t stuck there because the other foot is well and truly camped in the modern melodic rock/AOR sound that has seen the majority of older bands deliver some of the best, if not the best albums of their career and with ‘Level Ground’, Fortune are no exception.

                If you are the sort of person who is a fan of the likes of Night Ranger, FM and Giuffria, then ‘Level Ground’ is an album which will not disappoint. Sure, it doesn’t do anything beyond what it needs to accomplish, but that’s not a bad thing because Fortune have delivered a cracking album which will see them take their place in the genre they so sorely deserve.

"an excellent album of melodic rock/AOR"

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