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Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast Teams Up with German Heavy Metal Band POWERWOLF for Latest In-Game Event: “Macht der Wölfe”

Ahead of the two bands sharing the stage for two shows in Germany this July, POWERWOLF will be the second in-game collaboration of 2022 for Iron Maiden’s Legacy of the Beast free-to-play mobile game.

Following successful collaborations last year with Amon Amarth, Lacuna Coil, Ghost and most recently with Disturbed, Iron Maiden‘s Legacy of the Beast team created a new character and storyline borrowing from POWERWOLF’s latest album, Call of the Wild

The new limited-time, in-game event called, Macht Der Wölfe (German for Power of the Wolf) features a limited-time character, Vârcolac.  

When it came to seeing Vârcolac in Eddie’s world for the first time, POWERWOLF lead singer Attila Dorn says: “We were breathless and stunned when we saw the first iteration/scene of the game featuring our Vârcolac.  And most of all we couldn’t wait to play it ourselves!!” Attila continues, “When I was a young kid listening to my Iron Maiden tapes all day, I would have never dreamed of playing the same stage one day, being invited to support Iron Maiden with my band. Is there anything more a metalhead could dream of?”

Lead guitarist for POWERWOLF, Matthew Greywolf says: “Iron Maiden‘s songs and melodies are immortal. The neat combination of melody and heaviness is still as revolutionary as it was when first heard Maiden at 11 years old, I was truly fascinated by it, and I still am!” 

Keyboardist Falk Maria Schlegel continuesI would say Bruce Dickinson is my major MAJOR influence in all that I’m doing on stage, with my whole performance…  still a great inspiration, so thank you Bruce!”

Navigator Games CEO, Will Moore says: “The fans and players have been absolutely thrilled to see their favorite bands partner with Iron Maiden Legacy of the Beast. Over the past year our players have kept hinting at Powerwolf. We hope they’re pleased to see Powerwolf’s iconic mascot bought to life on this epic adventure!”
Meet Vârcolac in ‘Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast’ mobile game.
Players can earn the Vârcolac character for FREE by logging in a total of seven days from now, receiving Vârcolac on the final day. Ends May 12 at 2:00pm CET.

Attila Dorn – vocals
Falk Maria Schlegel – organ
Charles Greywolf – guitar
Matthew Greywolf – guitar
Roel van Helden – drums

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