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Inglorious – ‘MMMXXI: Live at the Phoenix’

Frontiers Records
Rainbow, Joe Lynn Turner, HTP, Deep Purple, Wayward Sons, Dead Daises
Release Date
April 8, 2022
Frontiers Records
Hard Rock

The age of the live album has long since gone, these days it feels like the delivery of a live album is very much a cash in on a recent tour for a band to boost their coffers. This does not necessarily mean that all live albums are pointless with some bands releasing some excellent examples of their live performances. One such band who have taken the plunge with a live album are Inglorious who have delivered ‘MMMXXI: Live at the Phoenix’.

                As a live album ‘MMMXXI…’ does everything that it sets out to do. This means that the listener gets to hear Inglorious in all the live splendour with the band demonstrating just how much hot property they are currently in the hard rock scene. This album features tracks from Inglorious’ great run of albums delivered through all the high energy power that the listener would expect from a live performance. This shows that Inglorious excel in the live environment, each track here is given a new lease of life allowing the listener to hear Inglorious at their most primal and raw giving the listener the intimate feeling that the band are playing in their front room, just for them.

                With ‘MMMXXI….’ Nathan James once again shows why he is currently one of the best voices in hard rock, he never tires or allows the audience to do much heavy lifting. Yes, it’s a live album but it is a very good showing of a band on full throttle, but eventually, you’ll probably just end up going back to your studio albums.

"a very good showing of a band on full throttle"

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