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 Do we really need another tribute to Motörhead?

Umm… Yes, we do!

New tribute to the mighty Motörhead, featuring Spectral Darkwave and The Medea Project

Today Antichrist Magazine have launched their latest in a series of successful non-profit digital compilation albums. Featuring twenty nine underground metal acts from across the world, A Tribute To Motörhead is an awesome celebration of the legendary band’s timeless music. Each song has been recorded exclusively for this compilation and the tracks span Motörhead‘s entire career – from their 1975 debut to 2015’s Bad Magic, including well known classics and some deep cuts worthy of discovery. At Imperative PR we are proud to have Spectral Darkwave and The Medea Project included on the album, both covering lesser known numbers in their own inimitable style.

You can listen to the full album now at the Antichrist Magazine YouTube channel.

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Come on in!

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