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Heathen – ‘Victims of Deception’

Release Date
Roadrunner Records
Thrash/Progressive Metal

This morning in the Metal Digest office we’re blasting one of the most influential technical thrash metal albums of all time with ‘Victims of Deception’, the 1991 album from Heathen. Taking large amounts of progressive metal, ‘Victims of Deception’ stepped away from the more pure thrash of ‘Breaking the Silence’ and came up with a masterpiece. Although the band had many personal issues prior to the making of this album, it didn’t stop them from producing beast; longer songs, complex time signatures and fantastic musicianship which saw the band stand alongside the likes of Watchtower, Toxik, Metallica and Megadeth with even a cover of Rainbow’s ‘Kill the King’ not even feeling out of place. So this morning, crank up ‘Victims of Deception’ and remember to your neighbours, that mercy is not a virtue.

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