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Black Lakes – ‘For All We’ve Left Behind’

Independent Release
Funeral For A Friend, Finch, Thrice, Boysetsfire, Bullet For My Valentine, The Raven Age
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Independent Release

                Black Lakes are a band who are riding that 20-year genre revival, the emo/post-hardcore band have stepped forth from the Welsh valleys like so many of their influences to release ‘For All We’ve Left Behind’, the bands anticipated debut album.

                So, is this an album of bowl cuts, massive fringes, eyeliner, and black no.1 hair dye? Nah, this is less of a carbon image copy, but more a musical homage. Granted, for a debut album, ‘For All…’ is actually sonically stunning, it is bright, vibrant and high calibre. Tracks such as ‘Dissident’, ‘Verity in Flames’ and ‘Break the Silence’ are allowed to shine, basking in a modern glow that has all the nostalgic appeal of Funeral For A Friend, Finch and Thrice whilst having the commercial appeal of Boysetsfire and the metal edge of Bullet For My Valentine or The Raven Age.

                Yet, this isn’t for everyone and there is a large proportion of rock and metal fans who will turn their nose up at the mere thought of it. However, not only is there a sense of nostalgia here, but there is also a younger generation of fans ready to hoover this up. There is some way to go for this band to discover their own identity because currently, it is an emo soup of influences, but sometimes, you know, soup is nice and just hits the spot.

"an emo soup"

Come on in!

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