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Aktarum – ‘Trollvengers’

Art Gates Records
Eluveitie, Ensiferum, Moonsorrow, Northland
Release Date
Art Gates Records
Black/Folk Metal

                Trolls… trolls everywhere! They’re all on strike because the billy goats that cross the bridge every day keep butting them off the bridge and they’re hungry. Hungry to make music! That’s because Aktarum, Belgium’s troll peddlers are back with their ‘Trollvengers’, their latest studio album.

                Now, to say Aktarum like trolls is a bit of an understatement, they are troll mad so much so that if they were children, their bedrooms would be kitted out in all things troll. Every song here mentions trolls and that is just in the title alone, but thankfully, this isn’t some comedic trollfest (that’s a completely different band). What the listener gets here is some very well crafted black/folk metal that is actually wonderfully produced. Naturally, there an array of sounds to take in here, particularly from keyboardist TrollOur who delivers a masterclass in not only how to play, but also score and orchestrate an album as tracks such as ‘The Trolls and the Dwarves’, ‘Pirates Vs. Trolls’ and the title track go the extra mile to show what this band is all about whilst having all the enjoyability of Eluveitie, Ensiferum and Moonsorrow.

                On the surface, this may seem like some daft comedy gimmick, but ‘Trollvengers’ show that they actually don’t need this gimmick to deliver good black/folk metal and it will be interesting to see how long this goes before the band give up on the gimmick and just do what they are good at.

"more than just a troll faced gimmick"

Come on in!

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