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Wet Leg – ‘Wet Leg’

Domino Records
Joy Division, Honeyblood, Mogwai, Pip Blom
Release Date
April 8, 2022
Domino Records
Indie Rock/Post-Punk

The rise of Wet Leg has been unusually swift and significant, primarily thanks to the efforts of Marc Riley’s championing of debut single ‘Chaise Longue’ through his evening show on BBC radio 6 thrusting them into the limelight right in front of an audience that would inevitably love them. 

This is in no way a bad thing, as this, their self-titled debut album is definitely proof of them deserving this sudden and unprecedented fame, being 37 minutes of joyous and downright wonderful songs drawing inspiration from Post-Rock stalwarts Mogwai and Boris, along with touches of uplifting and fun Indie Pop along the lines of Courtney Barnett and Pip Blom.

Combine this with a wonderful mix of profane, sometimes nonsensical lyrics spoken in a strangely charming monotone form, and gorgeous guitar sounds straight from the stable of awe-inspiring tones employed by Post-Punk acts such as The Chameleons and The Stranglers, and the result is a beautiful, crazy, and just purely happy album it’s hard not to smile whilst listening through.

Hardcore metalheads will undoubtedly dismiss this as Pop-tinged nonsense, but they’re missing out. This album is there to swear at you and make you feel better, which it performs in great capacity. If you want to listen to the best short pop-rock songs around, you’re probably looking in the right place

"enchanting and silly in all the right ways"

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