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Vogelfrei, Stomper 98, Gumbles
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Napalm Records
Street Punk

Berlin icon Toxpack is celebrating its second decade of aggressive and socially conscious Streetpunk. Their catalog is remarkably consistent, a potent combination of GBH, Social Distortion, and a trapped and wounded animal.  Much like previous releases, ‘ZWANZIG.TAUSEND VOL’ is,in their words,“from the streets, for the streets.”

Since I don’t speak German, I must rely on the emotions evoked, which is kinda how music should be. Urgent, almost manic at times, the album is a relentless tour de force, rallying the troops for any and all worthy causes. Veterans that they are, Toxpack creates a masterful melding of Punk and Hard Core.  ‘ZWANZIG.TAUSEND VOL’ is a fiery runaway train carrying priceless works of art, demanding that all needles be buried soundly in the red. 

Schulle’s gruff and layered vocals are driving and earnest; his conviction is crystal clear in any language.  The band is relentless and airtight with almost mechanical precision. ‘ZWANZIG.TAUSEND VOL’ is a team effort careful not to shine the spotlight on any one individual.  An exception, however, may be the exemplary fretwork of Tommi Tox. He adds several lead guitar flourishes, especially on “Zusammen einsam.”

This album is high-spirited, bombastic, and genuine. While sometimes tackling dour worldly topics, Toxpack shows us that we can all persevere with our fists high in the air. Vielen Dank für eine wunderbare Entdeckung.

"high-spirited, bombastic, and genuine"

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