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Le Tunnel De L’enfer – ‘A Tribute To Daylight’ EP

Minga Records
Limp Wrist, Tromatized Youth, G.L.O.S.S., Suicidal Tendencies
Release Date
Minga Records
Hardcore Punk

From Lille, France comes Le Tunnel De L’enfer (the tunnel of Hell.) Their first EP is an homage to the Sylvester Stallone movie ‘Daylight.’ Yes, you read that correctly. I would have gone for ‘Cliffhanger,’ myself, but that’s for another day. ‘Daylight’ features French audio snippets of the film and is less than seven minutes of no-nonsense Punk mayhem, taking itself seriously (almost) zero percent of the time. Judging from their choice of subject matter, could you expect otherwise? Over the Top album cover aside, (see what I did there?) this EP is the result of Covid lockdowns and the perseverance of seasoned musicians. And also, a peek into their respective other bands.

‘Daylight’ is a fast and furious, gone in sixty seconds, blink and you’ll miss it, good time. Without factoring in the (let’s be honest) silly backstory, ‘Daylight’ is first-rate Hardcore Punk. Full of spit and piss, ultra-tight and fast fast fast. And bonus: if you listen closely, you’ll be regaled with a bit of social commentary, true to Punk form. In that regard, ‘Daylight’ deserves closer attention.

Le Tunnel De L’enfer isn’t out to change the world. Do you think someone that based an EP on a second-rate Stallone flick seriously donne deux merdes? Highly doubtful. In the time it takes you to brew your morning coffee, you can thoroughly enjoy this little gem…twice. Just be thankful they didn’t do ‘Expendables 3’.

"Just be thankful they didn't do Expendables 3"

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