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Kampfar – ‘Urkraft’ EP

Indie Recordings
Helheim, Havukruunu, Vreid, Skogen, Mock, Mistur
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Indie Recordings
Pagan Black Metal

When it comes to black metal, bands can literally be ten a penny, each musician thinking that they can out trve kvlt the next. Whilst there are sadly no prizes for the biggest trve kvnt, some bands just put their head down and get on with it, they don’t rely on infamy to get where they are, they let the music do the talking. One such band are Kampfar and since the mid-90’s, the Norwegian black metallers have shown how to age gracefully whilst losing none of their integrity and this year has the band returning with ‘Urkraft’, the band’s latest EP and first release since 2019.

                For an EP, ‘Urkraft’ does everything that needs to do, and a lot of bands could and should take note of this. Clocking in at just over 16 minutes, this is almost the perfect length for an EP, a demonstration of what the band can do without ever overstretching themselves. Ok, yes, it’s only two songs of similar length, but that doesn’t matter in black metal because through the raw production expected of Kampfar, ‘Urkraft’ does everything that it needs to do without ever losing sight of its original goal having all the enjoyability of Helheim, Mock and Havukruunu.

                If ‘Urkraft’ is a stop gap in the bands career, something to give us a little nibble whilst we wait patiently for a new studio album, then it completely succeeds and if this is anything to go by, a new studio album is going be something worth anticipating.

"raises the bar really high for a new studio album"

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