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Humanizer – ‘Divine Golden Blood/Humanizer’ (Reissue)

Independent Release
Evil Within, Septicflesh, Therion, Hollenthon
Release Date
Independent Release
Atmospheric Death Metal

Costa Rica is the land of the sloths, but not everything in the Latin American country moves as slow as our arboreal chums and this year has Humanizer, the atmospheric death metal band returning with a reissue of their ‘Divine Golden Blood’ debut album with their debut EP tagged onto it.

                When it comes to atmospheric death metal with runs of complicated technicality, then Humanizer have always done a bloody good job. In fact, ‘Divine Golden Blood’ is an excellent album. Although this reissue will be through the band themselves, it does give Humanizer the chance gets their work back out there and rightly so. Humanizer’s self-titled debut album was actually very good and now to have it tagged onto the end of ‘Divine Golden Blood’ is a huge incentive to purchase something that hasn’t actually been properly available for quite a while. However, this reissue doesn’t appear to be remastered and is rather just a run of the original sound, fair enough, and there are no added extras here for the zealous fans of the band who already own both the EP and the album. It actually would have been nice to have some live tracks or something unreleased.

                Yet, this doesn’t take away from the fact that Humanizer have reissued an excellent album and if you’re still lacking in it and you’re a big death metal fan, then this gives the listener another opportunity to get out there and acquire something that will not disappoint.

"an excellent album well deserved of another reissue"

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