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Envy of None – ‘Envy of None’

Kscope Records
Anathema, Radiohead, Belle & Sebastian, Tangerine Dream, Ulver
Release Date
April 8, 2022
Kscope Records
Progressive/Experimental Rock

                When it comes to underrated guitarists, Alex Lifeson is often so sorely overlooked. The Rush guitarist has inspired countless musicians to pick up their guitars, play riffs in changeable time signatures and getting the chance to play ‘that’ Rush chord. But now Rush is done, Lifeson has stepped into the limelight with his new project Envy Of None (EoN) who have released their eponymous debut album.

                If Rush was cheese, then EoN is very much chalk. Anyone expecting anything even remotely like Rush need to dispel those thoughts immediately, take a step back and ask yourself is this for you? ‘Envy of None’ is not a guitar driven record, it’s progressive, yes, but not in the way you think. Led by both Lifeson and Andy Curran of Coney Hatch, they orchestrate the way forward on this album. Through soundscaping guitars, at times you’d even think there was no guitar at all present at all, it is masterfully delivered with every single note, beat and melody wrapped up in an absolutely pristine and beautiful production whilst the vocals are weaved in and out ethereally by Maiah Wynne. ‘Envy of None’ is a hard to stick a genre on, yes it can be rocky, but it is ambient, atmospheric and at times like Tangerine Dream yet probably leans more to indie having a lot of hallmarks of Radiohead as well as Belle & Sebastian as EoN use almost cinematographic suspense and power to conduct their business.

                If you haven’t guessed it, ‘Envy of None’ is not for everyone. It’s a very mature and adult record and very different to what anyone would have guessed. If you don’t ‘get it’, that’s fine, it probably wasn’t for you anyway. But there are a lot of listeners out there who will absolutely adore this work and most of them will probably have no idea of the provenance of the people in this band and that’s ok because this is a brave new world and an interesting new chapter for EoN to explore. 

"completely not what you would be expecting at all"

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