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Mors Principium Est – ‘Liberate the Unborn Inhumanity’

AFM Records
Dark Tranquillity, Wintersun, Kalmah, Children of Bodom, Orpheus Omega
Release Date
April 8, 2022
AFM Records
Melodic Death Metal

When it comes Finnish melodic death metal, one of the more modern stalwarts of the genre are Mors Principium Est (MPE) who for the last 20 years have built an empire of solid albums the latest of which is ‘Liberate the Unborn Inhumanity’.

                With ‘Liberate…’, this is the sound of MPE doing putting their heads down and doing what they do best and that is delivering absolutely superb melodic death metal through a razor-sharp precision. As an album, ‘Liberate…’ is produced to a jaw-droppingly high standard, it is so crisp that it could be one of the best produced albums that the listener will hear all year. Naturally, this allows every single instrument to shine, there is nothing left in the murk, but unlike so many of their peers, MPE choose not to arse about with metalcore or post-metal sounds, there are no fucking around with computerised parts, synth drums, experimentation, or boring gimmicky tropes to ‘fit-in’. ‘Liberate…’ is balls to the wall melo death without ever compromising their melancholic nature as tracks such as ‘The Unborn’ and ‘Two Steps Away’ stand tall, but it is the hauntingly beautiful ‘Pure’ which really stands out with its clean/harsh duality.

                For anyone looking for top quality, proper melodic death metal, then look no further than ‘Liberate…’, it is a high calibre, class act all way that will be riding high come year end.   

"top quality, proper melodic death metal"

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