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Jonas Lindberg & The Other Side – ‘Miles From Nowhere’

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Porcupine Tree, Neal Morse Band, The Flower Kings, Marillion
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Inside Out Music
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So, he’s “swiped right” on your profile, you liked his picture and bio, and you’ve exchanged a few messages. Going well so far, nice and easy, not rushing into things. You casually drop into the conversation that you hardly ever listen to anything in the charts, you like a bit of Rock and Metal. He equally casually mentions he likes some heavy bands, and also a bit of Prog now and then. Your heart skips a beat; could this be the perfect man? You need to know just how “Prog” he really is; can he commit to both a long-term relationship, and 26-minute song-suites mainly in 7/4?

Here we find the benchmark for just how “Prog” someone really is. Jonas Lindberg & The Other Side’s latest release “Miles from Nowhere” comes in at well over 70 minutes, it has great long and complex passages for both lead guitar and keyboard, slowly evolving melodies and structure, musicianship and production to die for, there’s a song titled “Oceans of Time”, and yes, the album closes with a 25+minute suite in five parts.

You’re likely thinking this is squarely aimed at single 40-somethings who drink real ale, refuse to listen to Collins-era Genesis, and can’t grow a convincing enough beard to listen to Metal? It’s nowhere as po-faced and inaccessible as that, the songs are not laden with oblique complexity, and the melody writing is every bit as good as the biggest artists in the modern Progressive scene. There’s even a cute musical joke using the theme tune to The Simpsons as a keyboard variation that works really well. “Why I’m Here” stands out as a love letter to Porcupine Tree/Steven Wilson that is every ounce as catchy as they’ve ever done.

It is total Prog though, just like the Dutch used to play Total Football. If you are not a fan of Prog, in all likelihood you’ll want to set fire to this CD after one (attempted) listen. If you love Prog, swipe right. Simple as that.

"All the Prog, all the time. Done beautifully though, just not exactly dripping in originality"

Come on in!

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