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Oscenrad – ‘Beneath the Fells’

Independent Release
Moonsorrow, Falls of Rauros, Gallowbraid
Release Date
Independent Release
Folk/Melodic Death Metal

Gallivanting through the mist of the North Sea, Oscenrad brings to light their debut LP ‘Beneath the Fells’. Sporting a modern viking/norse metal album sure to send you on a longboat to the Christian lands.

Ironically composed by self proclaimed Anglo Saxon Hæoenwulf in East Anglia, ‘Beyond the Fells’ paints a gallant mental image of exploration, might, valor and courage. The perfect album to charge into battle with. Its melodic consonance gives it an epic feel, as fiery as a blacksmith’s forge, and as deadly as Odin’s wrath.

Musically, ‘Beyond the Fells’ is expertly crafted, engaging in a variety of textures and sounds. Orchestral intros, synthesised layers and acoustic passages break up an endless torrent of battering drums, audible, punchy bass and a guitar tone that wouldn’t be out of place on a Moonsorrow album. The vocals are mainly low false cord grunts, it could be argued however, that this is all is needed to create the Viking feel.

It’s clear that Oscenrad have unearthed their love of the past and woven it into this album, enchanted with mystery and heroics. Easily comparable to atmospheric black metal in some regards, ‘Beyond the Fells’ sticks well to its genre, but also contains those ambient sections to break away from the hammering ferocity of the heavier sections.

"Oscenrad's 'Beyond the Fells' charges through the mist with the force of a thousand Vikings"

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