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Capricorn – ‘For The Restless’

Wild Kingdom
Blue Öyster Cult, Rush, Horisont, The James Gang, Boston
Release Date
Wild Kingdom
Hard Rock

                In recent years, young bands playing a vintage 70’s hard rock sound has become rather fashionable with a lot of these bands having a modicum of success. One such band casting their hat into the throwback ring are Capricorn with the release of their most recent album ‘For the Restless’.

                Close your eyes and sit back and you would be convinced that ‘For the Restless’ was released in 1976 with its dulcet tones blasting out from the stereo from your local radio station in ’68 Chevy with the top down. This is warm, summertime music as uncomplicated guitars and masterful vocal harmonies create easy to remember anthemic songs with tracks such as ‘Self Pity’, ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Congregation’ and ‘Revolution Boogie’ have all the catchy hallmarks of Blue Öyster Cult and James Gang whilst there is something a little more progressive hiding underneath this album with vocalist Kristoffer Ekberg having a touch of Rush or even Horisont, particularly with ‘Long Gone Heroes’ a track which wouldn’t be out of place on any of Rush’s 80’s albums had they been recorded in the 70’s without the electronics.

                Capricorn have released an excellent album; this has some fantastic songs that are so infectious they’ll have you singing them for days. If you’re looking for an album to take you back to a different time but with a modern twist, then ‘For the Restless’ is definitely something to get your hands on.

"a fantastic record with songs you'll be humming for days"

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