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Alda – ‘A Distant Fire’

Wolves in the Throne Room, Skagos, Ash Borer, Falls of Rauros, Addaura, Downfall of Nur
Release Date
Atmospheric Black Metal

Sticking atmospheric in the front of black metal can on one hand make the whole thing suddenly seem either very grandiose, epic and at times even cinematographic. On the other hand, it can make it feel like one bloke in his bedroom who’s spent far too much time listening to Burzum. We all know the type. Thankfully, Alda falls into the former category with the Tacoma band having delivered a run of excellent albums of expansive black metal and now, the band are back with ‘A Distant Fire’.

                Atmospheric black metal conjures up image’s endless tracks, but with ‘A Distant Fire’, Alda keep it relatively restrained. It is difficult to even find the words to sum this album up, but ‘A Distant Fire’ is a beautiful album of atmospheric black metal, from its more traditional black metal sounds such as ‘First Light’ and ‘Loo-Wit’ to real masterpieces of almost cinematography with ‘Stonebreaker’ and ‘Forlorn Peaks’ with Alda being able to appeal to the likes of Wolves in the Throne Room, Panopticon and Wodensthrone whilst also being able to bring in fans of post-metal and rock with it not being surprising if the epic title track was able to bring in fans of Agalloch, Alcest and Skagos.

                This is an absolutely fantastic album of atmospheric black metal and if you’re looking for an album to tick all the boxes for the year, then ‘A Distant Fire’ is the place to look.  

"an absolutely fantastic album of atmospheric black metal"

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