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Boguslaw Balcerek’s Crylord – ‘Human Heredity’

Pride & Joy Music
At Vance, Queensryche, Symphony of Fire, Nightwish
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Pride & Joy Music
Progressive Power Metal

Any album which starts with the most outrageous keyboard flourish since the solo from Van Halen’s “Jump” has to be worth a listen, right? The catchily monikered Boguslaw Balcerek’s Crylord fuse 80’s Hair Metal excess and Power/Prog Metal guitar mastery in an intriguing, if not somewhat patchy, album aimed squarely at pushing the “Happy Button”. The Warsaw artists last outing, 2016’s “Gates of Valhalla” was a darker and more serious work, with more sweep arpeggio’s than the Ibanez stand at a guitar show. With a world that needs more than a bit of cheering up, “Human Heredity” is instead a slice of Power Prog joy.

Recently we reviewed the latest album by Star One, “Revel in Time”, which similarly uses different vocalists from song to song. That album is exactly how to do it, “Human Heredity” is mostly how to do it. The chosen singers are all excellent, however it does feel like a mechanic turning up with six different 13mm spanners rather than a full set. Some of the songs do have precisely the right singer, “Thunderbolt” (probably the best track) is handled masterfully by Rick Altzi. Where better choices could have been made are on the slower paced songs; sometimes the histrionics stray slightly into “Bill and Ted” territory.

Vocal maladies aside, I suspect most will be buying this record for the feel-good vibes and amazing guitar work. On that basis, nothing to be worried about

"Chunky riffs and good clean Power/Prog fun, full spec air guitar worthy when it gets motoring, a little laboured when the pace drops"

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