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Sölicitör – ‘All Debts on Death’ EP

Gates of Hell Records
Chastain, Substratum, Exciter, Tower, Agent Steel, Jag Panzer
Release Date
Gates of Hell Records
Heavy/Speed Metal

                Remember the scene during ‘Beavis and Butthead Do America’ when they’re in the boot (trunk) of the car driving along the road and Butthead tells Beavis that when he jumps out, if he starts running beforehand like in a cartoon he’ll be fine? Imagine if we could actually do that, hit the ground running like Usain Bolt. One band who has succeeded doing this is Sölicitör and on the back two phenomenal releases, the Seattle band are with ‘All Debts on Death’, the bands second EP.

                You know what? Why would Sölicitör do anything different with ‘All Debts…’, the formula already works, so you know, it doesn’t need to change. Therefore, Sölicitör step forward at blistering pace delivering two new tracks, ‘Killer for Hire’ and ‘Megalomaniac’ into the Sölicitör family. These tracks are both over the six-minute mark, so you know that it needs that something special to really hold the listener attention and band do this easily with thrashing riffs and galloping rhythms as vocalist Amy Lee Carlson keeps the listener within her thrall as Sölicitör bring all the enjoyability of Chastain, Agent Steel and Exciter whilst also touching base with more modern trad bands such as Tower, Ranger and Riot City.

                Once again, Sölicitör show that they can deliver the goods. This is speed metal right to its core and done with some real integrity. Looking to bolster your modern speed metal ranks? Then ‘All Debts…’ is a good place to start and then go back and buy everything else by Sölicitör, you won’t regret it.

"Once again, Sölicitör show that they can deliver the goods"

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