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Exumer – ‘Hostile Defiance’

Release Date
Metal Blade Records
Thrash Metal

This morning in the Metal Digest office, we’re dancing the toxic waltz by blasting ‘Hostile Defiance’, the 2019 album from German thrash titans Exumer. Since reforming in 2008, Exumer have been on a furious rampage and this 2019 offering is a fantastic attack of thrash metal as tracks such as ‘Raptor’, ‘Dust Eater’ and ‘The Order of Shadows’ show a band which are thoroughly reinvigorated, charging forward with all the power and gusto of a band half of their age. If you’re looking for a thrash metal album which may have slipped under the radar back in 2019, then ‘Hostile Defiance’ is a perfect place to look. So this morning, open the windows, crank the volume up on this excellent album and if anyone asks you to turn it down, stand in hostile defiance.

Come on in!

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