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Doubting Thompson – ‘Revelations’ EP

Independent Release
Slayer, Testament, Coroner, Exodus
Release Date
Independent Release
Thrash Metal

Revelations packs plenty of aggressive riffs mixed with genuine angst. Taking many cues from early 80s Thrash, some of DT’s riffs come across as a rehash of early Slayer, et al (sorry), but to be fair, some do have an original sin…err I mean spin; There just isn’t quite enough substance overall. Jeff Thompson displays some real six-string talent here; his repertoire just needs a bit of broadening. ‘Revelations’ doesn’t boast the strongest lyrics or the most novel subject matter I’ve encountered. Subjects like societal inequality and authoritative abuse of power have a few whiskers at this point…and what’s with the animosity towards Wisconsin? Backstory, please. But wait, there’s a definite upside here.

Far and away, the standout is “Sludge,” a spirited instrumental in two distinct parts. First is the 4/4 downstroke ode to Papa Het that grooves with precision and vigor. It could benefit from fewer pinch harmonics, but who am I to judge? At 2:12, it abruptly changes gears. Stellar leads flying over raging Speed Metal grandeur; this is what I was waiting for. Without exaggeration, my ears perked up, and the volume knob was turned several notches to the right. Alas, this lasts for a mere 90 seconds, but it shows the potential DT has. My two cents? Build on “Sludge” and get someone to help with lyrics. Not kidding. ‘Revelations’ shows enormous potential. In the meantime, I will gladly put “Sludge” on repeat.

"‘Revelations’ packs plenty of aggressive riffs mixed with genuine angst"

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