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Atræ Bilis – ‘Apexapien’

20 Buck Spin
Decapitated, Humanity's Last Breath, Archspire
Release Date
20 Buck Spin
Death Metal

Ever wondered what it sounds like to have precisely measured screws pushed into your skull while the world is disintegrating? Me too, and apparently so did Atræ Bilis. Their new album ‘Apexapien’ nails this feeling with the finest, top of the range riffs.

Emerging from Canada with the force of a bulldozer, spitting out immense riffs, a poignant percussive sound and blackened melodic layers with a modern tech-death approach, these guys are fucking serious. Atræ Bilis presents a monstrous hurricane of an album, to sweep you off your feet and sort you right out.

‘Apexapien’ provides the listener with a barrage of downtuned, well produced, gritty guitar, almost mechanical sounding drums and bass so potent you can taste it, and relentless variations of gutteralls layered with higher screeches, to awaken the blackened demon within you. The full package for a death metal fan, and a wet dream for a tech death extraordinaire.

This album is a truly exceptional piece of music, with the potential to send those shivers down your spine, knowing everything is as explicitly meticulous and grandly brutal as it can be. The recurring melodic ideas and sequences weave that black metal vibe throughout the album perfectly. Some tracks feature post production effects resulting in an almost psychedelic mind spinning reverberation, as if you were listening to a bad trip.

Chowing down on the modern metal expectation, this band puts out, including influences of slam/BSDM (in the vocal technique), black metal, from its melodic elements, and of course its technical death metal originality.

"Canada's Atræ Bilis explode onto the tech death scene with monstrous new album 'Apexapien'"

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