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Satan – ‘Earth Infernal’

Metal Blade Records
Blitzkrieg, Cloven Hoof, Angel Witch, Diamond Head, Blind Fury, Tokyo Blade
Release Date
April 1, 2022
Metal Blade Records
Heavy Metal

When it comes to album releases, some bands could do with looking at the meanings of quality over quantity. One band who certainly fall into the quality category are Satan who have delivered some of the best examples of heavy metal whist being systematically overlooked and underappreciated. The last decade has been productive for Satan and this year has the band returning with their latest offering ‘Earth Infernal’.

                For anyone already familiar with Satan’s sound, then there will be no surprises here with ‘Earth Infernal’, the whole album follows the exact path that Satan have been delivering since 2013’s ‘Life Sentence’ and this is not a bad thing. This means that with ‘Earth Infernal’, Satan once again deliver top drawer, top quality heavy metal through a classic, traditional format as tracks such as ‘Burning Portrait’, ‘Earth We Bequeath’ and ‘From Second Sight’ continue Satan’s golden streak, all wrapped up the great production we have already seen with other recent releases from the band. Furthermore, even the ‘Mercury’s Shadow’ instrumental is enjoyable!

                Naturally, this does mean that there isn’t anything here that the listener will be unfamiliar with, but when it comes down to it, we don’t need that. Satan deliver another excellent album of heavy metal done exactly the way we like it and once again, Satan come out on top with an album that will be riding high in any worthwhile lists at the end of the year.

"Satan deliver another excellent album of heavy metal done exactly the way we like it"

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