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Metal Shots | Geisterfaust

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Band: Geisterfaust

Genre: Black metal / sludge

For Fans Of: Wolvhammer, Tombs, Thou

Short Bio:

Geisterfaust formed as a three-piece in southwest Germany in late 2019. Their style combines black metal and sludge in equal parts to create something that is brooding, violent, and deeply immersive. Their first 2-track EP “Hang them high / Foul spine” was made available in 2020 and their second release “Servile Mirrors of Animosity” came out in late 2021. Servile Mirrors of Animosity will see physical releases from both Morbid And Miserable Records (CD) and Altstadtwolf Records (cassette) in 2022.

A Note from the Band:

Check out Servile Mirrors of Animosity — recorded during our first show after more than 20 months, this new release captures the raw live energy of Geisterfaust in the most authentic and unpolished way. Almost 30 minutes of riff cascades and infernal drone worship.

The Band Online:





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