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Legacy: A Tribute to Leslie West

Provogue Records
Cream, Cactus, West, Bruce and Laing, Grand Funk Railroad
Release Date
Provogue Records
Hard/Blues Rock

                Leslie West was a mountain of a man, yes, I’m starting this review with a pun. As Mountain, Leslie West, Corky Laing and Felix Pappalard had a hell of a lot of influence in the development of heavy metal in the late 60’s and early 70’s. By taking the Cream template and amping it up further, the band influenced many a musician to pick up their instruments and begin to disturb their neighbours with the noise. Following the death of Leslie West in 2020, musicians from around the world came together to pay their respects to the big guy with ‘Legacy: A Tribute to Leslie West’.

                In these circumstances and with such high-profile musicians involved, the listener knows that they are going to get top-quality production and top-quality cover versions paying tribute to West. This is not some throwaway bootleg style tribute released on an obscure dodgy label, this is the Real McCoy. With guests such as Dee Snider, Slash, Joe Lynn Turner and Zakk Wylde amongst many others, tracks like ‘Theme for an Imaginary Western’, ‘For Yasgur’s Farm’ and of course, ‘Nantucket Sleighride’ and the perennial ‘Mississippi Queen’ are given great workouts, demonstrating not just how influential Mountain were with these guests, but just the sheer amount of tracks that Leslie West delivered throughout his career.

                As a tribute album, we know that these are literally just musicians paying homage to a fallen legend. ‘Legacy…’ is very good at what it does, it is beautifully represented, but if you want to hear the master at work, you’ll have to get your paws on the originals, but it is clear here, just how many lives West touched in his career.

"a beautiful homage to a fallen hero"

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