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Aldo Nova – ‘The Life and Times of Eddie Gage’ EP

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Release Date
April 1, 2022
Hard Rock

Aldo Nova’s career has often been overlooked with the majority of the focus on the Canadian’s massive single ‘Fantasy’ from 1983. In the 40 years since, Aldo Nova has shown that he is a song writing force to be reckoned with as much of his back catalogue is stuffed full of hard rock/AOR/melodic rock gems. This year has Aldo Nova returning with ‘The Life and Times of Eddie Gage’ the musicians latest EP and the first instalment into what will be his rock opera.

                Although slated as an EP, this release clocks in at a mighty 51 minutes. That’s not an EP, that is an album and so anyone expected three or four songs pushing the 15-minute mark are going to be in for a ride. ‘…Eddie Gage’ is the story of a young rock star, signed and manipulated by the corporate elite as they struggled with the vices of being a rock star – does this sound awfully familiar? This is a trope which has been played out countless times. Coupled with this, the 51 minutes here is quite an investment of time, ‘…Eddie Gage’ isn’t exactly immediately captivating, it takes a good few listens to really click. However, through a high-quality production, Aldo Nova’s song writing and arranging prowess do shine through and although it takes time, there is an enjoyability to this release.

                Aldo Nova has apparently written over 25 songs for this rock opera, and it will be interesting to see where Aldo Nova takes the ‘…Eddie Gage’ project. If you’re looking for something throwaway and disposable, you won’t find it here. However, if you are looking to invest some time into a conceptual story delivered in a hard rock style then ‘…Eddie Gage’ is a good place to look.

"a rather large investment of time for an EP"

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