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Happy Birthday Metal Digest!

Today we are celebrating our 1st year anniversary.

Cakes have been bought, bubblies have been popped, and balloons have been ordered. We marked a year around the sun and that’s a biggie in our industry.

We are not only celebrating our birthday but our visual identity that has evolved from an idea to one of the coolest magazines around. We are celebrating the fact that we grabbed the chance to position ourselves as committed to music and hard-working bands, rather than as a corporate operation to support click baits. We stirred up some hype with meaningful content.

We revolutionized music journalism.

Let us flex our team’s creative muscles and remind everyone that this magazine is still very much a human space: As we feature music content, we are also focusing on the story of our growth, each one of us personally.

We aspire to bring originality, great aesthetic, and business acumen to the industry while staying true to our values. We promise we’ll go beyond and above to keep delivering high-quality journalism complete with a personalized take and a thought-provoking twist.

Happy Birthday, Metal Digest.

Come on in!

Metal Digest is an online music magazine specializing in rock and metal. It is aimed at the mobile market, who can get their fix whilst on the go. Whether you walk, drive, fly, sail or teleport make sure you do it with Metal Digest, bitesize heavy metal rock and metal news, reviews and interviews for when you’re on the go.

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