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Dungeon Steel – ‘Bloodlust’ EP

Signal Rex
Sodom, Celtic Frost, Bathory, Wampyric Rites
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Signal Rex
Black/Thrash Metal

                Western South America is a real hotbed of black metal, the Old True Dungeon Synth Committee has done its best to ensure that black metal thrives in the Andes. Part of this committee are Wampyric Rites, who have decided to take a step away from raw black metal with Dungeon Steel, the bands latest project with the Ecuadorians releasing ‘Bloodlust’, their debut EP.

                Beginning with a soft, atmospheric elongated synth intro, ‘Bloodlust’ lulls the listener in with a false sense of security that everything is going to ok. It is most definitely not. This is because without cause or provocation, this is blasted away by a hail of black/thrash metal as driving guitars and pneumatic drums begin to pummel the mix whilst the feedback rules the airwaves before guttural vocals make their grand entrance. Tracks such as ‘Kommand Wolf’, ‘Midnight Nightmares’ and ‘Emperor of the Crypts’ take their cue from the likes of early Sodom, Bathory and Celtic Frost whilst Ecuador’s Wampyric Rites watches with their crotch ready to burst through the leather trousers.

                However, the one thing which really lets ‘Bloodlust’ down is a really, really wank production. It is this which holds back the real potential of this EP and although there are those which think ‘oh its raw and its trve kvlt, whatever, it’s crap and it turns a decent EP into something which is quite off-putting. If Dungeon Steel could bring themselves to rectify this, then with this old-school black/thrash sound, the band could go far.

"has black/thrash potential"

Come on in!

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