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Redshark – ‘Digital Race’

Listenable Records
Exciter, Ranger, Razor, Vicious Rumors, Manowar
Release Date
March 25, 2022
Listenable Records
Heavy/Speed/Power Metal

Ever see a band name which is ludicrous and think: “surely… this isn’t going to be good is it?”, you put it on and then you’re blown away by the sheer power of it? That’s exactly what happened with Redshark and after two EP’s, the Catalonian band are back with their full-length debut album ‘Digital Race’.

                For those who have heard Redshark’s EP’s, they’ll know that with ‘Digital Race’ they are in for a heavy metal ride. What the listener gets here are thundering, galloping riffage and chest-thumping lyrics which make ‘Digital Race’ something very enjoyable. Tracks such as ‘Kill Your Idol’, ‘Pallid Hands’ and ‘Never Too Late’ drive forward, never letting up with a speed metal undertone of Exciter showing the band have kept a finger on an 80’s sound. Furthermore, ‘Digital Race’ also has foot stomping power metal beats having all the appeal of Ranger and even Manowar at times particularly through the vocal delivery of Pau Correas who brings to this album a real Eric Adams persona alongside more trad sounds such as Gauntlet Rule, Eliminator and Iron Fate.

                Dodgy album cover aside, which is either hideous or a stroke of genius, ‘Digital Race’ is a great album and any fan of heavy/speed metal with trad and power metal leanings should grab a copy. It will not disappoint.

"a great album and any fan of heavy/speed metal"

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