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Deserted Fear: We are hardcore DIY guys and take care of everything ourselves.

For 15 years Deserted Fear have been delighting us with their brand of Melodic Death Metal. March this year sees the release of the highly anticipated 5th album “Doomsday”. We get to have a quick chat with them before they set off on tour.

Good evening Deserted Fear, and welcome to Metal digest! Are you excited to have your new album ”Doomsday” finished and ready to unleash on the fans?

Hi and thanks for taking the time talking to us! Of course, we are really looking forward. It has been quiet for some time now and it’s time to finally get active again. And yeah, two years without live shows feels like forever!

Your last album “Drowned by Humanity” is a bit of a favourite here, it has seemed quite a wait for the new album; has the writing process been any different this time?

Not really. We hadn’t done anything for a while and one night I just grabbed the guitar and started playing. The first cool riffs came out quickly and we got together as a band and suddenly, out of nowhere, we were working on a new album. What was different this time is that I mixed and mastered the album myself. This has given us even greater creative freedom, so we could work on details until the last moment, that was very cool!

Has touring with globally recognised names in Obituary and At the Gates been a positive experience for you all?

Playing with our heroes is a dream come true for us! And especially At The Gates and Obituary were very nice to us. For them we were not the small unimportant support band, a feeling that some people on tour like to give you. For them we were just another band in the evening and it was great to talk to them and of course to see them live every night.


The stunning video for the lead single “Reborn Paradise” revisits a dark passage of post-war German history, how does Mirko Witzki work with your concepts for such a powerful narrative?

We have been working together for many years and we know each other very well. Therefore, he understands better than anyone else how to implement our ideas. We are hardcore DIY guys and take care of everything ourselves. If we don’t get something right in the preparation, he knows how to hide it in the edit haha. And we have become good friends over the years and it’s always nice to meet.

How much have you missed playing for a live audience?

Very much! It was our life for many years. Not only to play concerts, but also to go to concerts and festivals as fans or to work there behind the stage. When that’s gone from one day to the next, it leaves a huge gap in your life. But we survived the time well and now it finally starts again!

Who in the band is the most annoying on the tour bus?

I don’t know, maybe Simon? He always listens to his own music on his little headphones and you often don’t see if he is listening to music or not. So you talk to him, but often get no answer and only a smile haha.

It’s our round at the bar; what will you guys have to drink?

Of course a beer! I love beer, I drink a lot of it. I do not mean a lot in one evening (sometimes haha), but I love to try many different varieties.

It’s been great getting to know you a little better, here at Metal Digest we wish you all success with Doomsday, and hope you have tons of fun getting back out on tour! Peace and love guys, James on behalf of Metal Digest.

Thanks James, it was nice talking to you! See ya!

Deserted Fear are;

Manuel “Mahne” Glatter (vocals/guitar)

Fabian Hildebrandt (guitar)

Simon Mengs (drums).

Doomsday will be released on 4th March; you can pre-order it here;

The album’s first-pressing Ltd. CD Digipak edition comes with a special drink coaster and the previously released singles “Funeral of the Earth” and “Artifacts of the Black Rain” as bonus tracks. The album’s LP editions comes on 180g vinyl, with a Gatefold sleeve and including an A2-sized poster.

Ltd. Gatefold black LP & Poster – Unlimited

Ltd. Gatefold dark green LP & Poster – 300x copies via CM Distro & Web shop Europe

Ltd. Gatefold transp. light blue LP & Poster – 300x copies via EMP

Ltd. Gatefold Coloured Red Vinyl LP & Poster – 300x copies via Band

You can catch them live soon;


“Doomsday” Album Release Shows:

03.03.2022 Hamburg (Germany) – Logo

04.03.2022 Cottbus (Germany) – Gladhouse

05.03.2022 Jena (Germany) – F-Haus

06.03.2022 Essen (Germany) – Turock

10.03.2022 Nürnberg (Germany) – Z-Bau

11.03.2022 Göttingen (Germany) – Exil

12.03.2022 Wiesbaden (Germany) – Schlachthof

13.03.2022 Köln (Germany) – Volta

18.03.2022 Lörrach (Germany) – Altes Wasserwerk

19.03.2022 Aalen (Germany) – Rock It

With Dark Tranquillity, Ensiferum & Vinnegar Hill:

14.04.2022 Leipzig (Germany) – Hellraiser

15.04.2022 Berlin (Germany) – ORWOhaus

16.04.2022 Prague (Czech Republic) – Meet Factory

17.04.2022 Budapest (Hungary) – Barba Negra

18.04.2022 München (Germany) – Backstage Werk

19.04.2022 Salzburg (Austria) – Rockhouse

20.04.2022 Wien (Austria) – SIMM City


07.05.2022 Saalfeld (Germany) – Klubhaus

10.-12.06.2022 Hauptmannsgrün (Germany) – Chronical Moshers Open Air

06.-09.07.2022 Ballenstedt (Germany) – Rock Harz Open Air

14.-16.07.2022 Leoben (Austria) – Area 53 Open Air

DESERTED FEAR is (From left to right on photo) Manuel “Mahne” Glatter (vocals/guitar), Fabian Hildebrandt (guitar) and Simon Mengs (drums).

Watch “Part Of The End”:YouTube
Watch “Funeral Of The Earth”:YouTube
Watch “Artifacts Of The Black Rain” (In Flames Cover):YouTube





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