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Astral Doors – ‘Black Eyed Children’

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Heavy/Power Metal

This morning in the Metal Digest office we’re cranking up the volume on ‘Black Eyed Children’, the 2017 album by Astral Doors. In many respects, ‘Black Eyed Children’ can be seen as the weakest of all the Astral Doors releases. However, we’re not talking about a ‘St. Anger’ style abomination here, it just doesn’t quite live up to same mark as the other Astral Doors albums. All that being said, there are still some decent tracks here, ‘Die on Stage’, ‘We Cry Out’ and ‘God is the Devil’ have some thumping Dio-esque chorus’ that help drive this album home. So this morning, dig out ‘Black Eyed Children’, give it a dust off and crank up the volume.

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