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Kade Storm – ‘Ascension’

Independent Release
Behemoth, Forgotten Tomb, Worm
Release Date
Independent Release
Doom/Black/Death Metal/Atmospheric

Doom metal has been gaining traction in the underground in the UK for many years now, with bands like Conjurer, Heriot and Black Tongue forging a path for the scene’s development. One man blackened doom Kade Storm defy the modern developments from classic doom metal found in these bands’ sounds, yet still bring something eclectic to the table.

From the morbid chugs, ominous riffs and the wailing lead lines of the guitars, to the pounding onslaught of the drums. From the punchy rumble of the bass to the blasphemous chanting vocals. Kade Storm have whipped up something special with ‘Ascension’. Atmosphere and tension is built gradually and masterfully, with a delicate intrusion of black metal influence, the tremolo guitars, minor based dissonant chord changes, and higher percussive subdivisional variance bring those satanic sounding elements to the fore.

The vocals in doom metal can be very diminished and underdeveloped, this does seem to be the case with ‘Ascension’, as they are difficult to distinguish – perhaps by stylistic intention – and lay into a chanting-esque vibe. From a textural perspective, they could be stronger and more impactful, with a greater emphasis on the lyrics and word clarity. With a more refined vocal technique, the extreme techniques could carry more overtones and deliver more power.

The percussion is not outstanding or lacking, it fits the music accordingly without excess technicality or finesse, yet seems to clip in the overall mix, this adds a very distorted, Lo-Fi element which is certainly a subjective taste. The bass chugs along nicely underneath the layers, with a clean tone just audible in the mix.

The artwork features the sigil of lucifer and baphomet, with the band’s logo resting atop a pentagram altar, aesthetically pleasing and genre-conformingly satisfying.

With only the percussive tonal issue, and the embryonic vocals holding it back, the overall composition of ‘Ascension’ overall is very satisfying, providing a malicious listening experience, sure to please any black metal, death metal or doom metal fan.

"One man blackened doom extraordinaire Kade Storm uncover new album 'Ascension'"

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