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Elf Queen – ‘Breathe Out Fire’ EP

Independent Release
Amberian Dawn, Arven, Nightwish, Sirenia, Evanescence, Halestorm, Flyleaf
Release Date
Independent Release
Hard Rock/Pop Rock

Elf Queen are a Californian quartet that have just self-released their latest EP ‘Breathe Out Fire’ which follows up their debut album ‘Glory to the Brave’ released last year with the band having all the flavours of Flyleaf and Avren.

Comprised of Kelsey on vocals and Uncle Hauk playing guitars and song writing, there is love, loss, fire, and death as well as thaumaturgy, life and war written within the parameters of these songs. Elf Queen may not really have any social media presence yet; these songs are raw and unpolished that are coupled with simple lyrics which makes ‘Breathe Out Fire’ quite enjoyable. Everyone must start somewhere, right?

Elf Queen have talent in heaps and if this music became polished, I feel a lot of the natural fireball and grit would be lost. Furthermore, the vocals of Kelsey are not of this world; they are notable and distinguished and are at the forefront of the mix being the focal point for the whole EP. Tracks like ‘Seven Tears In The Ocean’ fully show everyone’s potential expertise, particularly the drums who anchors the whole thing in place, keeping the pace and is the heartbeat of the whole operation whilst the guitars bring the full range of dynamic textures to these five songs.

‘Breathe Out Fire’ is not a static EP, it has its own swirl within the rock pool. Yes, this is a basic recording, it is little rough around the edge, but it is a refreshing change for a piece of work in this genre not to be so polished in a pop sheen. Elf Queen are a tiny little diamond and long may they continue.

"a raw recording which shows some real potential"

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