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Black Cilice – ‘Tomb Emanations’ EP

Iron Bonehead Productions
Candelabrum, Sortilegia, Sulphuric Night, Vetala
Release Date
Iron Bonehead Productions
Raw Black Metal

                “give it to us raw and wriggling” screamed Gollum once in the movie ‘The Lord of the Rings’ and this is the exact mantra that many black metal bands choose to deliver as they take an already rare sound and make even more raw. One such band are Black Cilice who deliver release after release of black metal so raw, it may even still have a pulse and this time has the Portuguese band delivering their latest EP ‘Tomb Emanations’.

                EP may be a grandiose term for 7” single, what the listener gets here is ‘Returning from Dimensions Below’ and ‘Vigil of Ruins’ as an A side and a B side, both tracks of which have already been previously released in a different form in a previous life. However, this is not what ‘Tomb Emanations’ is about. This is a release all about the vinyl, it is a 7” delivered in a very, very limited edition of only 500 copies, so if you like raw black metal then you better get your fingers clicking because these cows are only going to go to the abattoir once and then they’re gone, too cooked for Black Cilice.

                In all honesty, this is a very, very niche purchase. The average black metal punter isn’t even going to look twice at it. However, for the dedicated raw black metal fan of Black Cilice who like to hoover up vinyl, then this is exactly for you.

"a very niche purchase"

Come on in!

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