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Ronnie Atkins – ‘Make It Count’

Frontiers Records
Pretty Maids, Avantasia, Jorn, Hartmann, Whitesnake
Release Date
March 18, 2022
Frontiers Records
Hard Rock

Ronnie Atkins is a famous voice in heavy metal circles. Don’t know it? Shame on you. Time to research. The man has had a 40-year career with Pretty Maids, one of the premier Danish metal bands, as well as being part of Tobias Sammet’s Avantasia and more recently a solo project. This solo project was borne of sad news as Atkins was diagnosed with stage four cancer and since then, time has literally been of the essence with Atkins releasing his latest solo album ‘Make It Count’.

                Once again, Atkins has delivered a great record. ‘Make It Count’ does what it says on the tin, every second matters here, this isn’t some record that has been hashed together, rushed in an odd job way to get as much done before the final curtain falls. ‘Make It Count’ is the sound of what one person can achieve when the odds are stacked against them, there is no time for second chances here and Atkins wears his heart on his sleeve. Through beautifully produced hard rock melodies, Atkins takes the listener on a journey through hard and melodic rock where every syllable is drenched in raw emotion. Tracks such as ‘Unsung Heroes’, ‘Grace’ and the title track are wrought with pain and uncertainty, yet at the same strangely optimistic. This is far from some wallowing self-pity fest, this is Atkins standing up, making it count and sticking two fingers up with some tracks which really give the listener a great sing along.

                ‘Make It Count’ is very embedded in that hard rock field, it leans heavy on the melody, so if you’re looking for something a little more rip roaring, then you might be better sticking to Pretty Maids. However, when all is said and done, long after Atkins has been laid to rest, people will still look at this album and say that it really is a testament to the iron will of one man.

"wrought with pain but strangely optimistic"

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